Friday, November 14, 2008

My Art Shows

Here are some pics from my art shows at Friday the Thirteenth West on Potrero and the 25th Avenue annex of the gallery. Most of the pics are from my show called "Noggin". Here is a review post from "Gregory Conover - Noggin, An Exhibit of Paintings, Functional Art, and Assemblages.

Comment: This Gregory Conover in-house event is one of the more delightful and entertaining occurrences I've been to in a while encompassing art that's pure unadulterated fun-- and affordable too. The in-house part refers to the fact that the show's producer, a former principal of the now-defunct Friday the Thirteenth West, is offering the art by appointment from her current digs on 25th Ave. Ancient history aside, hardly anything here tonight is over $200 with plenty under $50. The best part is it's 100% attitude-free with not an agenda or ulterior motive in sight. And Conover's good too-- especially his kicky optimist assemblages and over-the-top handbags. Perfect way to end the evening." said Art

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